The Mortgage Process

New to applying for a home loan? The mortgage process is simpler than you think. In fact, you are just a few short steps away from buying a home in Arizona. Here is how Misty Garrison’s loan process works.


Start with a consultation.

You can begin the mortgage process today. Just call (480) 618-5358 to schedule your consultation with Misty.


Learn about your loan options.

During your consultation, Misty will review the different types of mortgages with you, and will listen as you describe your financial scenario and your plans for homeownership.

Over 21 years of experience gives Misty the expertise to make personalized recommendations for a wide range of situations.

She will go over this loan process with you in-depth during your consultation as well. If you have any questions about how the process works, this is your opportunity to ask them before getting started.


Submit your application.

Fill out your loan application and submit documents to verify your income and employment. If you do not have a W-2, ask about our bank statement loans.


Mortgage pre-approval.

Once your financial scenario has been reviewed and approved, I will issue the pre-approval out to the realtor… this shows sellers you’re a serious buyer.


Shop and make an offer.

Work with an agent to make offer sellers can’t refuse!


Loan application.

Beef up what you started in the pre-approval process to get your loan ready for underwriting. This can be updating out dated documents and putting the financial puzzle together.


Loan processing.

Sit back while loan processors review all info in your loan file and gather documents about the house for the underwriter.



Underwriters are the key decision-makers in the whole process—the buck literally stops here. With everything reviewed, he or she will approve, reject, or come back and ask for additional documentation.



Once you’ve made it to closing, you’re in the home stretch. Your loan is fully approved, and loan documents can be ordered. Once loan docs are at title, you’ll come in to sign!



Once your loan docs make it back to the bank and all gets reviewed, the bank will fund your loan. Title will request that the county records your new purchase, and once the confirmation of recording comes in, the house is officially yours!

Apply for a Mortgage in AZ Today

It is so easy to apply for a mortgage with Misty! To get started now, please call (480) 618-5358 to schedule your consultation. Misty works with customers in Tempe, Maricopa County, and throughout the state of Arizona.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Nadia G-Williams
Nadia G-Williams
03:36 31 Jul 22
There are some who are capable but more interested in making money. She is capable and interested in helping your best interest. Misty has a wealth of knowledge in the finance field. She is professional and yet personable. More importantly she is honest about figures and options. She will help interpret numbers so you can make the best decision for yourself and/or family considering plans for today and in the future. Although, you will have to do your part, she will walk you through the process, and inform you of the next steps. When I met Misty, I was in the worse mortgage plan for myself. In my situation, if I had sold my home, I would have had to pay someone at the same time. Misty recommended I refinance my home to first get out of the situation. Therefore, regardless of if I sold my home or kept it, I would start building equity. My mortgage payment was due to increase tremendously, and with the refinance, it changed allowing the payment to be affordable. I have had many offers to address my finances and home needs, it is easy to say no knowing that I have Misty in my corner looking out for me.
Cheryl Newbanks
Cheryl Newbanks
14:55 22 Jul 22
If you found Misty Garrison consider yourself very lucky! We are self-employed and had a difficult time getting financed and Misty got the job done in 30 days. I have bought eight houses in my life and I've never had a mortgage broker that works so hard to get the job done. She even answered my phone call the day after she got married, that's how dedicated she is to her business! The thing I love about her the most is that she's completely honest. You might not always like what she has to say, but she does get the job done and if you do exactly what she tells you to do you will end up with a house. We did a bank statement loan and they're typically a higher interest rate, but our rate was only one point higher than the national average. I'm extremely happy with Misty Garrison's performance and I would never buy a house with anybody but Misty Garrison from here on in. Thank you so much Misty for getting us our house we really appreciate you!
Rosalyn Moore
Rosalyn Moore
18:42 04 Jul 22
Misty is Excellent at her job she takes great care of you we have used her for a refi two times definitely will Recommend her to everybody
Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes
16:04 04 Jul 22
Misty, is an amazing Mortgage Loan Originator and a pleasure to work with. She's confident, kind and extremely experienced. She 100% walked me through the entire process, she kept me updated on every aspect of my loan, explaining each detail in a way that was very easy to understand. I could not have chosen a better person to take care of my lending needs. Misty is highly professional and yet very personable. I can truly say that Misty had my best interest at heart when structuring a loan for me. She made the experience enjoyable. Because of Misty expertise, I was able to get into my new home.
Shyla Bassey
Shyla Bassey
19:01 27 Jun 22
I have referred many clients and have personally worked with Misty. She goes above and beyond to identify the best options for her clients. She is knowledgeable and makes the process simple for her clients. I look forward to continuing to help more clients and referring them to Misty for guidance.
Jovanna Campbell
Jovanna Campbell
02:51 22 Jun 22
Working with Misty is like working with family. It was relaxed, easy, comfortable and quick. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
1st Source Movers Llc
1st Source Movers Llc
00:44 21 Jun 22
Misty, Thank you once again! I know the type of loan I applied for was a little different. I know it wasn’t easy. I appreciate you having confidence knowing their was a lender out there that would take on my loan. Being self employed I had to jump though a whole lot of loops. You did it! You maid it happen . I really appreciate you and your team. Keep up the great work! I hope to work with you again soon. Thanks!!!
Brittnee Tharp
Brittnee Tharp
05:07 27 Feb 22
After working with other companies/programs and nothing working out, we were getting desperate. We reached out to Misty, who we had heard such great things about.She worked her hardest to give us the best rate and deal she could and at the end of the day, she did just that.Within a week, we had a found a home!It was so exciting.We didn’t think we’d ever become homeowners but Misty made it happen and we’re so grateful!I make sure to always have her business cards on hand and we recommend her to any and everyone that’s in the market.Our family is looking forward to working with Misty again when we refinance!
My name is Aisha, owner of NCB, LLC. From the moment I decide I wanted to become a homeowner Misty was there for me every step of the way. I was referred to her by my Realtor while also given the option to look elsewhere. I’m so glad I stuck with Misty. This was no rush job, she guided me through everything from what I needed to do to get my credit in order, to guiding me to keeping my credit in order. This was an 18 month + project for me, but Misty assured me patience would pay off and it certainly did. She got me an awesome Rate, 0$ additional closing cost ( DP Only) and ANY question or concern I had ( and I ask lots of questions) she addressed them, even if they were repetitive! Do not purchase any real estate without her, I sure won’t!
Stephen & Oyeen Brown
Stephen & Oyeen Brown
16:54 10 Jan 22
Highly recommend!
Ravyn Jackson
Ravyn Jackson
20:55 08 Jun 20
My husband and I were initially apprehensive about refinancing our home because we did not know if we were going to see savings and the market was all over the place. After discussing our options with Misty, she explained the process and reassured us that she would get the best rate possible for us. This woman DELIVERED!! Not only did we significantly reduce our interest rate, our payment went down, we did not have to come out of pocket, AND we got money back when the loan funded. I will recommend Misty hands down without question every time. Thank you Misty, you're a beast!!
Jarron Anthony
Jarron Anthony
21:43 05 Jun 20
Misty was a great help in our first time home buying process. She helped us in more ways than one when it came to closing on our new home. She is very personable, professional, and takes care of business. We hope to utilize her great service again in the future!
Talia Soto
Talia Soto
05:10 18 Mar 20
Misty Garrison is a five star home mortgage loan officer. I was looking for a good mortgage lender and a friend referred me to her. Misty recently refinanced my mortgage loan and made the process so easy. She got me the best rate possible, thoroughly answered all of my questions, and remained patient with me when there were things I didn’t understand. Misty is very knowledgeable and highly recommended.
Syerita Loman
Syerita Loman
03:32 18 Mar 20
Misty Garrison’s overall concern, professionalism, and expertise goes well above expectation. She makes the home buying process very seamless and easy to understand for first time and seasoned homebuyers. I look forward to continued business with you in the future.Syerita Loman, REALTOREXIT Realty Expanded VisionGilbert, AZ
Amanda Parks
Amanda Parks
17:52 16 Mar 20
Misty was excellent! She offered many options for my refinance and explained everything in detail. She was available any time I had a question and was patient in explaining everything to me.The process was quick and smooth and she was able to work around my family’s hectic schedule. I highly recommend Misty to anyone who has questions about mortgages or refinancing. She is an excellent guide!